This company carries out the management and management of three shopping centers: the European Trade Center (which is also Business Center and Residential Residence), Kristal Center and Concord Center, has the management and maintenance of common parts in the Built Complexes and Residential Buildings by the company. Part of the administration of SSA Ltd are also Living Restaurant, JOMA sports shops, Nenette shops, Marina Hotel in Golem Durres. It is also expanding its activity to physical storage of objects.

  • Cleaning and sanitation of residential stairs, holiday grounds, elevator cabins, electric grid booths and water box boxes.
  • Cleaning and sanitation of the complex's square and side sidewalks.
  • Maintenance of parks or green areas of the complex (cleaning, cutting, sowing and irrigation).
Maintenance of staircase lighting and holiday placement as well as replacement of burned lamps or lighting.
Maintain the lighting of the complex's square and the sidewalks around it. Replacement of burnt bulbs.
Maintenance of elevator operation 24 hours a day.
This service is provided by specialized firms in this field, which also have the respective responsibilities.
This maintenance includes:

  1. Repair of functional faults (without replacement of parts) resulting from misuse, changes in electrical parameters (collapse), ignorance of specific residents or other reasons related to depreciation
  2. Partial or general repair with replacement of damaged parts always after receiving bids and approval by the presidency of the residents of additional values ​​that will be rescued by residents in these cases.
  • Painting up the stairs
  • Facade painting when necessary and on the basis of relevant permits in the Municipality.
  • Maintenance and repair of the main entrance door of the residential building, technical well doors belonging to the common facilities (closing pumps, gates, locks).
  • Maintenance and repair of the roofing trunking tubes of residential buildings, chambers and drainage system in the main square.
  • Maintain and repair roof slats and sidewalks of the complex.
  • Maintenance and repair of electro-hydraulic systems of water pumps, tanks, etc., to ensure their smooth operation during 24 hours.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of water tanks once a year according to the required standard, in compliance with the relevant certifications.
  • Repair and maintenance of the interphone system, putting it in its full functionality
  • Common maintenance of the common antennas TV signal
Through a qualified staff, the Management Company enables you at all times a transparency regarding the expenses incurred for the maintenance of common facilities in the facility where you live. It also presents you with accurate and accurate financial data regarding your income and the work done each month.